First of all let us offer infinite gratitude to Allah the Almighty by which upon His Grace we could continue performing tasks and responsibilities to manage and administer MDBG towards a more excellent advancement and development as well as to provide better services to customers.

First of all, I bid you a warm welcome to this (MDBG) website. We hope this site will help in providing useful information with regards to MDBG management and services in particular.

Upon heading MDBG effective 21 Mei 2015, I felt that the task to bring MDBG towards excellence is a challenging task. However, with much confidence and conviction, I believe that through cooperation and commitment given by Council members and all employees of MDBG, there will be significant success for each achievement, awards as well as improvement in source of revenue.

I also hope that all employees of MDBG will constantly practise the principles of teamwork, to work in harmony as well as to have positive, creative and innovative thinking in planning and implementing innovative measures to enhance excellence and to provide quality services to its customers.

I will continue to strive to achieve all the goals and work towards maintaining the vision and mission which have been set to create a comfortable environment for the community as well as being vigilant towards any other priorities appropriate to present situations.

Finally, I hope that all parties can continue to provide support and assistance to MDBG management in providing an excellent service.


Best Regards,
Yang Dipertua (President) of MDBG